Terranova's Tip of the day: Don't eat yellow snow!

I am at my friend Tony Terranova;'s house in the amazing Cotswalds - and we have just returned from the mat where I did some 'calibrating' (Tony's word: he's an engineer) of his students. A two hour break before I head back for the 2 hour seminar tonight.
Tony has a great little workout area at his house , where he has gone crazy with his many 'FUSION FITNESS' inventions. As mentioned, tony is an engineer - and he has put much thought into modifiying and tailor-making gear for his fitness traning. I have included a couple of pics here.
Tony is holding a couple of his cannonballs - used for grip training. The Jugglers challenge! He has pipe-sized barbells for over-hook and underhook training - a specially designed rack for deadlifts and al kinds of other weight work - and a zillion other interesting toys. it's a functional fitness freaks paradise.
I met Tony a few years back - when I conducted my first seminar in Coventry. An uglier room I had never been in. I have not seen so many broken noses and scarred faces on any mat, anywhere. Tony came up and introduced himself to me and I instantly liked him. Quick with a smile, and armed with an endless stream of jokes, Tony Terranova is a long time training partner of Geoff Thompsons. he has a wonderful family and it is always a pure pleasure to spend time with them. Well, time for a bite and a quick e-mail check before we head back to mat for more fun and frolics.
Best wishes


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