That time of year again ...

What a day. Even though registrations for our annual Gathering (the Will_Machado Asia Pacific Championships) officially closed this morning, I am still getting requests for late-entry ... as a result I havn't been able to head to my class tonight and must stay home and manually enter the late-comers into a draw that has already been done. Running tournaments for a living is not a choice I would willingly make. This is a load of work.

On a positive note though - this years Gathering is turning out to be our best yet. We'll have six mats running - and are highly organized with the brackets, the referee teams and the division starting times. Hopefully, it will all ru smoothly. Every year we get lots of feedback from people commenting that it is the best run tournament they have ever attended ... this year, we hope to improve it yet again.

When I finalize the draw, hopefully by late this evening - I'll hit the hay, before getting up at dawn to head to Melbounre to pick up Rigan MAchado from the airport. I wil then try to convince Rigan to come and join in my 30 minute 'tabata protocol-styled' workout, before getting down to the last minute pre-comp details. This will be my last blog until after the comp is done.

Saturday: Competition
Sunday: Rigan is conducting seminars in Melbourne
Monday Morning: Tabata workout - then on the mat with RIgan.
Monday Night: Hitting the mat at my school.

That's all for today - best of luck to all competing this weekend. My advice, have fun and 'be yourself' -learn from the experience and make a few new friends.

Best wishes


Anonymous said…
will the brackets be posted online so i know what time i need to get there because im traveling a fair distance?
JBW said…
we have not completed the draw as yet - and even when we do, to work out what time each division is kicking off will take time - an hour or two. if we get a chance - we may do this tomorrow ... can't guarantee it though. Note: Adults are starting at 10am.
Anonymous said…
thanks a lot mate
Unknown said…
My apologies, I did call on behalf of one of our guys.
I would like to make it out to Australia to train. How is the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition out there?
Anonymous said…
Awesome tournament John! Thank you for all the effort you, your wife and the team put in.
JBW said…
Thanks you very much for the kind and positive comments - I do very much appreciate them. This organization has grown totally organically - it has not been driven by business focus at all - it has grown out of passion and the love for the art we share - I am proud of what we have all done together.
Thanks again ,

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