UK Generosity ...

I just finished teaching for Al Peasland and Mick Tully here in Coventry - we had a great session and everyone had a blast of a time. it was also nice to see Rich Green bring a few of his students along and get yet another dose of training; and some of them were fighting this evening on an MMA card - well done lads! That's commitment!
I have a few hours off right now and am kicking back in the wonderfully historic Coombe Abbey - this place is dripping with antiquity - I love it. Tomorrow morning, Al and Mick will swing by and drive me back to London for my midday flight to Oslo. I will be sorry to say goodbye to my UK friends, but must admit to missing my family a lot.
A huge thanks to all of my UK friends - everyone has been so welcoming and so generous - and I have to say, so completely engaged on the mat! A big thanks to my good friend Geoff Thompson - who was kind enough to present me with a 5th Degeree Black Belt Certificate under the auspices of the british Combat Association. Thank you Geoff (and to his partner Peter Consterdine) for the gesture - I humbly accept in the spirit in which it was given.
I very much look forward to getting back next year ...
Best wishes all


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