UK so far ...

So far my UK visit has been great. I met Dan Wait, and his students up in Lincolnshire and we did some great training; everyone seemed to have a blast and new friendships were formed. I spent time with Ken Pankeiwicz's team before our evening seminar back down in Slough, before being treated to a home-cooked meal by his lovely wife Anne-Marie. A nice treat! The next morning, Rich Green from Coventry came and picked me up and we headed back north to one of my favourite English cities. A packed seminar last night, in Canly, was a load of fun and that brings me to the present, where I sit in the Old Mill hotel eating breakfast and posting this blog before my friend Tony Terranova (if ever I write a fiction novel I am using his name) comes to take me back to the beautiful Cotswalds.
Featured pic - some of the Coventry boys. A hard and dedicated bunch!
best wishes all,

PS: My friend Mick Tully (far left) seems somewhat distracted ... proving once again he that he needs Al Peasland to keep in him in line!


Al Peasland said…
Hi John,
Sorry I couldn't make it to Rich Green's session.

You see what happens when I leave Mick unattended for a few hours :-)

Look forward to seeing you and training with you on Sunday

Al ;-)

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