While the Volcano sleeps ...

Earlier this year I was turned back from my seminar tour to the UK- by the icelandic Volcano god. Everyone has re-scheduled and now that the competition is over, I am off to finish what I started back in April. So tomorrow afternoon, I head to Singapore, run one seminar there on Saturday for my Singaporean BJJ friends - and then it's off to the UK on Saturday night. I am really looking forward to having dinner with my friends in Singapore on Saturday - the food there, just can't be beat! Awesome!
On Sunday, I arrive in London an hour or so before dawn. I will be picked up by the early rising Lincolnshire BJJ crew - and we'll head to the mat for a seminar around lunchtime. I am looking forward to meeting Dan Wait - who runs the school there.
On Monday, I'll be getting together with my friend ken Pankeiwicz and his lovely wife Anne-Marie. I'll work out with their instructors for an hour or so before I run a seminar for their larger student body. The day after, my good friend and blue belt from Coventry, Rich Green will come get me and we'll head north to one of my favourite places. After training there on Tuesday, I'll head to the beautiful Cotswalds to stay with the heart-warming Terranova family - (Tony T is one of Geoff Thompsons longest training students - a true gentleman and a natural comedian). On thursday my plan is to head up to Manchester with Tony's student MArk Collett and hook up with BJJ brown belt, Adam Adshead. Adam is a great guy and always hosts a great seminar. I'll hang with Adam that night as I will be teaching at Dave KAri's school in Manchester the next evening - this will be my first visit to Dave's school - although I have met him before at Adam's and he seems like an awesome coach. The day after (Saturday) I'll be teaching in DOncaster for MMA fighter and nice guy, Danny Mitchell - after which, I'll head back to Coventry for a late dinner with my mate Geoff Thompson. After my annual walk, talk and chow-down with Geoff, I'll catch a few hours sleep at the wondrous Coombe Abbey before hitting the mat with Geoff's brother-in-law, Al Peasland. Al and his partner, Mick Tully are great martial artists, who I spent some time with last visit. After that, it's across the pond to Norway to visit my friend kenneth Fjeld, who I spent some time with earlier this year when I was teaching for Chuck Norris in vegas. I am looking forward to visiting with my Norwegian friends again, and as a bonus, I have been promised a home-cooked meal by Kenneths lovely wife, Elin. The it'll be back home on the wednesday - arriving thursday - just in time for a 12 hour stint with my family, before heading to Perth for the weekend.
I'll post as I go - but there it is in a nutshell. My apologies for intermittent blogging on this trip - it will largely depend on internet access as I go.
Warmest wishes

PS: Rigan Machado has been here at my house all week - he and I go back some 23 years - he is really family - and the only person who seems to scare him, is my wife Melissa. In fact, he is my back-up for class tonight, as I have to take my boy Felix to his annual school speech night. Nice back-up. Thanks Rigan. What a pal!


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