Be a grinder. Grind away – little by little move forward toward the solution or the goal. This is something I have learned through my martial arts practise and my time on the mat. Originally, I applied this strategy to my escapes … realising that the solution was almost never to found in the concept of ONE BIG MOVE – but rather in a patient series of small moves – ‘annoy your way out’, Jean Jacques Machado used to urge me. Eventually I realised that the very same strategy, ‘bit by bit’ also worked off the mat and in other areas of my life.
I am not waiting for the ‘one big break’, or once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to achieve financial freedom or pay of my house, for example – I grind, a little every day, and TIME takes care of the rest. Our natural impatience can be a real enemy; in wanting an immediate answer to any problem, we can often delay or put off taking the many small (seemingly insignificant) steps that would have led to an eventual solution. Grind away.
And here’s the kicker … there can be real pleasure and joy in the GRIND. The grind, can, to a degree, define who we are. As an old friend of mine used to say ‘ we are what we do the most’ … so chip away – and eventually, arrive.
Best wishes


Dan said…
Very true, everyone tends to rush and want it all right away, the patience is gone in our society. Thanks for another great piece of advice.
Liam H Wandi said…
I once wrote that not only is it not a sprint, it's not even a marathon! A marathon is still a race with a pace and a finish line.

It's a slow, leisurly walk in the forrest with a loved one.

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