Monday, October 11, 2010


Spring Training

Spring in the antipodes ... I love this time of year.
After a relatively tough year - a few operations behind me and having had my eldest son's life hanging in the balance for a good part of it - plus my usual workload (and a bit extra) - I am feeling pretty good about the change of season. I am getting into some pre-summer conditioning and getting back into grappling in my evening classes - nice! My rehab is gradually morphing into a kind of pre-season conditioning.
I should get around to doing a short film clip of my strength and conditioning work if any are interested .. it is usually based on one variation or other of the Tabata protocol: Eg: 30 seconds of intense work followed by 15 seconds of rest (used to transition to the next exercise) - times 6 exercises. After a minute rest, I repeat it three more times. Today was tough ... leaving me shell-shocked for an hour or two after the session was finished. Still, it is very time-efficient and very effective, working both aerobic, anaerobic and muscular endurance systems at the same time. Sometimes I work 20 seconds of work, ten second break - times eight exercises/tasks - repeated four or five times.
I am loving being back on my mat after being away for several weeks. The mat and training culture at my school in Geelong, is simply the best! it is a great place to be - with a super-positive and friendly atmosphere underpinning a strong and intelligent training ethic. Visitors are always made to feel most welcome - and almost always their comments revolve around a description of how included they felt and how much they walked away with at the end of the class ... just how I like it; after all, it is my home; and I am becoming more and more selective (as I get older) as to who I like to have in my home.
I have a string of weekend seminar circuits ahead of me over the next month or so - but this only means I leave home friday nights and am back home by sunday night - so it doesn't interfere with my normal week at all. This circuit will be my last for 2010; culminating with my visit to New Zealand in mid november. I look forward to that!
Well, time for food, a little rest and some precious time with my wonderful family.
More to come soon,
best wishes

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bring on the videos john... love crazy workouts... I blogged lots of my workout descriptions around the time of this post, not Tabata (as I hadn't heard of that then, but similar-ish)

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