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My good friend Dave Meyer said something interesting the other day; and it is this …
Ultimately, it’s not whether we stay on track that counts; rather, it’s all about our ability to GET BACK ON TRACK that eventually determines our success in things. I really like this; for one reason, it allows for failure – albeit temporary failure. As is always the case with deep-principles, we can apply this across the board, in our BJJ practise, our diet, our relationships, our finances, etc.
You might have an exercise regime that you follow, which is eventually interrupted by your vacation. Upon arriving back home from a vacation (one that perhaps included little or no exercise) it can be difficult to get back into our usual routine – that’s because we have now (post-holiday) established a ‘new’ routine. Getting back on track is a great habit to develop. Be okay with splurging every now and then with our diet; sure, have a bit of cake, or drink a soft drink or beer, but then do the important thing – get back on track. Don’t make the ‘slip-up’ a new habit!
You might, for one reason or another, fall away from training on the mat for a week or two, or a month – but that’s okay, if you have the ability to get back on track and take up where you left off.
Getting back on track is a skill that will serve us well throughout the course of our lives. It allows for the occasional break in routine – which life will undoubtedly throw our way.



Life Coaching said…
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Stu Williams said…
What a great post - a real insight. Are there any plans for your books to become available more readily in the UK, John? Please?

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