Clicks and whirs …

One of the most difficult things for people to do – at least this is my experience – is to switch off the workings of the mind. Day in, day out, the subtle internal mechanisms, click and whir, producing all manner of thoughts, daydreams, inspirations, plans and concerns. It is worth setting aside some time of the day, even a few brief moments, to bring the clicks and whirs under control – to silence them, even for a few moments in time.
For myself, I enjoy the disquieting murmurings of my mind; they sometimes produce surprising thoughts or ideas; but they can just as easily distract me from the task at hand or from the peaceful moment. My own clicks and whirs do not respond well to harsh commands for silence – for me, they recede gently into the background as I focus my attention on a specific action or object. In Yoga, the point of focus starts with ‘breath’ – in BJJ, it begins with ‘attention to our opponent’. Our minds are like errant children, running amuck when given the opportunity – sometimes this brings about funny, amazing or remarkable results – whilst at other times it can be distracting and less than productive. Being able to bring our thoughts and emotions under control (at will) is a skill that can only serve to benefit us throughout the course of our lives.


Matt Klein said…
So true John. Have been doing yoga for about a year and a half now, and yes, the breath is what anchors you to your practice. As you move into the deep breathing, it brings your mind and body into the present. You lose that "what do I need to do today?" mentality. It is moving meditation, and when you walk out of there, you see things much more clearly and feel so much more alive--probably the same way you feel after a great BJJ workout.

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