Christmas Eve Workout

After a couple of private lessons this morning, I hit my last thrice-weekly HIIT session with a few of my friends. Today was a tough one, consisting of six exercises: 40 seconds of work on each followed by a 20 second rest - one minute off when we were dopne, and then the whole thing repeated five times. I need a protein and a nap!
Here are some pics taken from a workout earlier this week (mondays session I think)
Anyways, this will be my last post before Christmas - and then I am off to Aitutaki, a small island in the Cook island group (south pacific) for eight days - time to read a few books, do some fishing with Felix and spend some time with Melissa. Nice.
Happy Christmas everyone - have a great time.


Anonymous said…
Hey Mike D here. New reader. Bjj blue belt under the Serra brothers on Long Island NY. Great blog and great information. Merry Christmas to my friends way down under.
Sal said…
Hi John.
i hope you have a relaxing time with Melissa and Felix. Merry Christmas and a happy successful new year. I look forward to resuming training in Jan
JBW said…
Thanks Mike - thanks Sal.
I am usually right on top of my blog - but I may be a little tardy over the next nine or ten days - being out in the middle of the south pacific and all. be back soon - thanks for reading.

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