Opportunity ...

Every problem presents us with an OPPORTUNITY to come up with, or develop, a solution. Every Time we 'tap' on the mat, we have an OPPORTUNITY to ask ourselves how it happened and to come up with preventative measures. Every time we experience negative feelings we have an OPPORTUNITY to test out ways of thinking that might steer us toward feeling better about ourselves or our situation. Every time a student has difficulty in learning a skill or a new technique, it presents the instructor with an OPPORTUNITY to come up with a way of imparting that particular skill or technique ion a way that resonated with that student. Every challenge presents us with an OPPORTUNITY to stretch ourselves in new and novel ways that may allow us to ultimately prevail. When we are hungry, we have an OPPORTUNITY to choose some healthy food to satisfy our hunger.
I am often asked how or why I am so passionate about my martial arts training today as I was thirty years ago - the answer is a simple one; I see every day as an opportunity to take a fresh and novel look at the things I have practised for decades. Every day is an opportunity to come up with a better way to try and impart the things I know, to other people; every single time I step onto the mat is an opportunity for re-invention; how is this not exciting? OPPORTUNITY is always present, we are surrounded by it, we marinate in it whether we realise it or not. Life is OPPORTUNITY. Inhale it, taste it ... revel in it.
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