Tick Tock …

I’ve just arrived back from a ten day holiday with my family in the South Pacific. It’s a different world out there in the islands; well different certainly, from the hustle and bustle of city-life. People are laid back – VERY laid back. For some holidaying tourists, this cultural difference can translate into frustration in their expectation of the level and speed of service they expect in the city fails, time and time again, to manifest. I say, good luck to the islanders. Time moves more slowly for them – in effect, they LIVE longer; or should I say, they experience longer ‘moments’ than many of we city-folk. I love the way pacific islanders have a more casual relationship with ‘time’; they don’t sit at lunch with their mobile phones glued to their ears; they don’t spend 5% of their lives sitting in traffic; they don’t take their work home with them; they don’t need as much money to meet the needs of day-to-day existence. Island life holds many lessons – nurturing the ability to find beauty and joy in simple things, not being the least of those lessons. Nice.
PS: I’m pictured here with my son Felix – usually the fish I catch are returned to the water, this one though, became dinner for a local family.


Anonymous said…
I stumbled upon your website looking for a Judo or Ju Jitsu class in Sydney Australia and somehow found myself reading a book about Good Luck which I did not open which is rather odd, don't you think? (it is possible my 2 year old daughter opened your ebook while she was tapping on the keyboard)

You write brilliantly and your subject matter is one that has always interested me but I could never explain to others.

You do, however, need someone to proofread your writing but only for spelling errors (grammar is fine). I am not a professional proof reader but I'm pretty good at spelling and picking up OTHER people's errors.

Please feel free to send me any books to proofread as they are enjoyable to read.


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