Seek similarities - or find differences?

To better organize and understand things in my mind (read: techniques) - I have found that when I am dealing with a group of things that are all very similar (say 10 entries/variations on Darce choke) then I focus on or emphasise the DIFFERENCES between each of the techniques. if however, the techniques are all quite different (a group of seemingly unrelated techniques) then I take the opposite approach and focus on or emphasise the SIMILARITIES between them. In thinking about it - it seems I also do this with lots of other stuff.
I have perhaps taken this approach with people as well - when dealing with different cultures, I tend to focus on what similarities we share - when dealing with people who outwardly appear the same as each other, I try to tease apart what makes them unique as individuals.
There you go - it's early, I am not sure what it all means - I just know it helps me. After a only a few hours sleep - I am stuffing some pasta into my belly as I wait to board my flight to Auckland. A big day ahead ... looking forward to it.


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