Delight in the simple things …

Being childlike in our training attitude is a wonderful trait to nurture. A child doesn’t think too much about winning or losing – a child just delights in the action. A child doesn’t recoil from the unknown – a child explores and discovers. A child doesn’t need complexity for complexities sake – a child can wonder at the simplest of things. A child doesn’t need to have a reason to do something – a child will wallow in experience for it’s own reward. A child doesn’t fall from the bike never to alight it again – a child will fail, try, fail, try, fail and try again. Perhaps most important of all, a child doesn’t spend the larger part of their time dwelling on the past or worrying about the future – a child finds it easy and natural to live fully in the present.


SenseiMattKlein said…
So much truth here, that is why I enjoy teaching children the most. They are like little sponges--they absorb everything. They have no fear of looking bad, they just do.

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