High percentage techniques …

Some techniques are high percentage while others are difficult to pull off.
While it is true that with enough practice and enough repetition, we can make almost anything work for us – some techniques are just easier to make work than others.
Most techniques require the correct execution of a series of small steps; if the technique is relatively simple, it might be two or three steps; if fairly complex it might be six or seven steps. In my view though, whether the technique is easy to execute does not so much depend on the number of steps but rather how easy it is to execute that single, all-important, first step. If the first step in a series of steps to any given goal is difficult then the chances of most people achieving that goal is fairly small; if on the other hand the first step is quite manageable, then the chance of actualizing the goal is fairly high.
That first step – is VERY important. What stops people from achieving is INERTIA. Once we get going, we are hard to stop.
With any technique (or goal) get real clarity on that first step (grip, position, etc) and put all of your efforts into achieving it. From there, it’s just practice.


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