Three out of ten beats one out of one.


Often I have seen students free-wrestling and I see an obvious opportunity for one to attempt a submission or a sweep – but the student doesn’t ‘go for it’. What the student needs to understand is that when we are training, this is the perfect opportunity to ‘go for it’ – as there really are no bad consequences.
Many people wait for the perfect opportunity to arise before they have a shot at something; and it is this endless waiting that really impedes their progress. The bottom line is this – if you wait for the one perfect opportunity – and then you go for it and succeed – you have scored ONE success – but if you go for it ten times (not needing things to be perfect before you do) and you succeed three times – even though the school-score is Three out of Ten (in many circles this is considered failure) – in my view: THREE still beats ONE!
I would rather try ten times and succeed only three, than wait till things are perfect and try once only to succeed once.
The other benefit of this approach is that even though you have not succeeded seven out of ten attempts, you get to see what unfolds after each of the failed attempts; and you learn.


Anonymous said…
Great advice John, and something I really need to apply to my own practice.
JBW said…
Just go for it Sarah - never put off anything - the one thing you can't get more off, is time. Do it - learn from it - have fun. JBW
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the wise words and reenforcement, this is something I have been slowly incorperating/bludgening into my psyche (I say slowly as I find altering my long established habits and hence nature is always an ongoing endevour).

It's a positive feeling to be nodding along to the thoughts and philosophies of someone who has done the hard yards and is happy to pass down some garnered wisdom.

Thanks again.

Simon S
Anonymous said…
Thank you for this. This is something I NEED to implement in my own training on the mat and in my own life as well. Excellent advice.


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