Travel Blog: Caged Steel Gym

We had a wonderful session at Danny Mitchell's Caged Steel in Dewsbury last night. With fifty odd people on the mat, the place was packed - we even had to put a couple in the cage. Thanks to Danny for making it happen - and a thanks also to the crew who drove up from Liverpool - UFC fighters: Paul Sass, Mark Scanlon, Kam Atakuru and the rest - you guys were a coaches dream with your unswerving level of engagement and work ethic to go with it - nice.
The focus of the night was on side control escaping strategies, dovetailing into leg shoots. It was hard to leave - despite my jetlag, the adrenaline-response kicked in and I found myself fully wired up at midnight - and so Mark and Roger decided we should make the two and a half hour drive back to Cheltenham where I am at present. A few hours sleep at my good friend Tony Terranova's house, and I am beginning to turn my thoughts toward this afternoons session for Tony's inner circle. I have a great session planned fore this evening, after which I'll crash another night at Tony's place (in the beautiful Cotswalds) before heading north again with Mark Collett to Macclesfield and Manchester. HAve Gi - will travel,


Stu Williams said…
Fasntastic stuff - looking forward to Saturday in Cov. Have a great week, John.
Will said…
Grea to hear what your up to John. Sounds like some real talent over there.

I watched the grading nights this week for our club in Geelong and saw some amazing performances. Truly inspirational stuff.

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