A typical weekend

On friday night I flew to Sydney, where long-time student and excellent Black Belt Sean Kirkwood picked me up from the airport for the two hour drive to Newcastle. We had a great seminar in which I covered some MMA work, beginning with a rapid-fire Tabata warm-up, some superman punch drills and the like. The we hit the ground for some technical details on establishing and maintaining the Seatbelt grip. The highlight of the night though was the presentation to Toby Whittle of his BJJ Black Belt. Congratulations Toby - your unswerving dedication to training over the past decade has been outstanding; you are so very deserved of the new rank - you have made Sean (and I) very proud.
The next morning at 7am, Sean and I headed off to Sydney to run the first of three seminars for my friend George Adams. Here I spent the entire time on details of the Turtle position (defending and attacking from there). After saying my goodbyes to Sean (he headed back to Newcastle), George drove me over to Black BElt Simon Farnsworths place at Castle Hill where we worked for two hours on the Two-on-one control from Butterfly guard. We had a ball. (Thanks for the Gi Vince - I'll give it a run this week)
After that it was a quick trip to Fari Salievski's school in lIverpool, where we had a good showing of very keen BJJ'ers on the mat. The session's focus was different again, as we worked on Cross Control grips from Guard, setting up a variety of 'old school' sweeps. The session finished, a few pics were taken and then I sprinted to the airport, to make my flight with only 10 minutes to spare. I got home just after nine pm - in time to spend a few hours of my birthday with my family. 54 laps around the sun - it's true - so I caved, and ate some cake. Nice.
Sunday I enjoyed with my family - although a few friends from Melbourne made the trip to Geelong for a visit; nice. Monday morning now - time to shake off the rest and get to my strength and conditioning workout with Tahi Reihana and a couple of diehard friends. I better get some whey protein into me right now ... let the metabolic resistance training begin ...


Unknown said…
i was there at the seminar at kma. (still working the sweeps)was a great seminar and i countdown the days to your next visit. your a amazing coach and an inspiration to many. i hope to be as fit and skilled as you at your age its absoulutle amazing. keep up the great work and go hard sir.

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