Norske time

Here in beautiful Norway - after two nights of great training at my friend Kenneth Fjeld's school in Drammen. They say it gets cold here, really cold - as in minus 35 degrees - I think this is a ploy to keep visitors away because whenever I ma here it is bright, sunny and not a breath of wind - absolutely beautiful. Last night we did a BJJ seminar and tonight and MMA session - we had a ball, with kenneth translating for me - jokes and all! One of my little Norwegian friends is pictured here (ten year old Stian Haave) with a drawing he did of Professor Will - nice! I have it packed away in my suitcase for tomorrows journey back to heathrow, London, onward to Hong Kong and finally to melbourne on Saturday. It's always sad to leave my Norwegian friends - they are so very friendly - in fact last night one cooked a traditional Norwegian dish for me, as he had promised on my last visit - lamb and cabbage (sounds questionable but it is in fact really delicious) - I am already looking forward to my return next year. To everyone at Kenneth's school - Tusen Takk.


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