Balance is a pivot point …

Something I have heard a lot talk about this past decade is the concept of Balance. The need to have balance in life, just the right amount of work, juxtapositioned against just the right amount of play, just the right amount of food, just the right amount of exercise, etc.


I prefer to live my life orbiting the point of balance - rather than sitting on it. For me, a bit of hard work makes that time off all the more fulfilling and enjoyable. I could think of nothing worse than going out fly fishing every day, and every day catching a ten pound fish. Routine is good – in fact I am to a large extent, a creature of habit – but a little adventure and ‘out-of-balance’ – extreme – pushing-the-envelope action can be very rewarding also.
I think that BALANCE is a pivot point around which we swing and pendulum. In theory, it is exactly what we are looking for – in practice though, I think that perfect balance lacks MOMENTUM – lacks the high’s and lows, the hot and cold, the feasts and famines that propel us forward in our thinking and in our lives. What makes the ride fun - is what we feel as we whizz past the balance point. A see-saw that didn't give is the high's and low's - would be a pretty lame ride.


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