I like interesting things. Who doesn’t? But what is it that makes something interesting? With full understanding comes familiarity, which is often followed by disinterest. Once we think we fully understand something, it loses something of it’s fascination. I love to be fascinated … in fact, I am more fascinated in more things now, than I was when I was 20 years old. The more closely we look at things, the more we see – the more we see – the more we realize that there’s even more we do not understand – and so our fascination grows; at least that’s how it is with me. Some things are immediately and obviously interesting – for me, puzzles are interesting – and the martial arts is like one huge constantly-evolving puzzle – way interesting. People are very interesting. Less interesting to me are things like, wine – I couldn’t taste the difference between cheap wine and the best wine – I have absolutely no palate for it (or any alcohol for that matter). I guess that’s what it comes down to – what is palatable for each of us ... and I suspect that an educated wine palate is capable of noticing subtle differences that other less-educated palates would not notice. I have a palate for martial arts and for living – but not for wine. Sometimes the most interesting things are those things that do not make immediate sense to us – we look at something/someone and something is a little whacky, a little off-center, a little unusual – interesting. All we need to do, to see something interesting, is pop our heads up – take a close look at our immediate world – it is replete with interesting things, phenomenon, people, behaviors, etc. BJJ is an extraordinarily interesting art (to my palate) which has layers of complexity sufficient to hold my attention. Way interesting.


props said…
I think my palate is beginning to open up as well thanks to you and your words!
I'm Sherwin, a friend of Kon's and Sul from Kreation in Singapore.

Three years of injury kept me away from the grappling game but about 2 months ago, I made a come back with a MUCH different approach to the game to when I first began thanks to your concepts.

Also, it was nice to see you on the cover of Blitz, which I subsequently purchased!


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