Our Strength is our Weakness

Human beings can tolerate just about anything … extreme heat, extreme cold, hunger, thirst, poverty … etc. In many ways, this is why we have survived, even thrived as a species. But this special adaptive strength that we have is also our weakness. Our ability to ‘put up with something’ is also a major obstacle to growth and development.
‘Oh – I can put up with being overweight’ – ‘I can put up with this job I don’t like’ – ‘I can put up with the abuser that others heap on me’ – true, we may be able to put up (cope) with these things – but our ability to cope comes with a huge price-tag; it can prevent us from taking action and moving away from these ‘oh so easily accepted’ paradigms.
If we couldn’t put up with these things, we would change – we would all move, grow, shift, develop. Our strength is also our weakness.
On the mat – perhaps we just resign ourselves to being squashed under side control – we can cope with it – we learn to adapt and more easily accept the situation – eventually the uncomfortable becomes comfortable. On the other hand – we can be a little less accepting of it and put more effort into developing our Guard or our escapes … our strength is our weakness – humans can adapt to almost anything; but should we?


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