Last few days

Here in San Francisco now, for the last night. Heading back to vegas tomorrow for the MAIA show, then home on Sunday night after I spend the day in Los Angeles with Rigan Machado. I have had a busy time of it, after Seattle and Vancouver, I came back to SF with Dave Meyer. Took Dave through a tabata workout yesterday, then went to Gilbert Melendez's gym where we also met up with Denny (Eddie Bravo's first black belt) and a couple of other fighters. I took a two hour class, and led them all through some entries, angle drills, etc. Very well received - Gil owes me a Churro.
Today we caught up again at Fairtex gym, where Gil's main training partner Jake Shields also joined in on some ground transitions and finishes we were working on. Gil owes me a 2nd churro. Love those things - fond memories of eating them when my wife Melissa and I visited Mexico twenty years back.
After Fairtex, I accompanied Dave on a home-buying excursion in the beautiful Marin county part of San Francisco - we may be close to having him in the market. Nice. An early start tomorrow, back to Vegas, then home on Sunday. Miss my family - but it's been a blast. JBW


SenseiMattKlein said…
Hi John, you are now retracing some of my steps, lived in San Francisco for a few years some time back. Top city. Is Gilbert's gym in the city? Will be in Northern Cal in December and looking for some training.

If you are in Sydney in the near future, there is a fairly new Mexican restaurant called Agave in Surry Hills and it is top notch. This from a guy who lived in San Diego for ten years and is the pickiest of the picky. Their churros are served with a choice of two sauces--caramel and chocolate. Had to try both, caramel gets the edge, and the churros were the best.

Glad to hear you had a great trip.

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