All or nothing?

Many athletes – indeed, many people – seem to posses an ‘all or nothing’ attitude. I know that I was very much like this at one time (not so long ago). Some examples of this would be:
- If I can’t climb to the top of the mountain, I won’t go near it at all
- I’ve fallen off my diet this weekend, so I won’t bother with it come Monday
- Something has disrupted my workout routine, so I won’t bother to start over again next week.
I think that this type of thinking, really restricts us and holds us back. Nowadays, if I fall away from an eating, training, or any other regime that I have set for myself (for whatever reason) – then as soon as circumstances allow, I get right back on track. It’s not our ability to stay on track that counts for much – it’s our ability to GET BACK ON TRACK – that really sets us on the path to success. Life will throw stuff in our way – we cannot predict everything – the better we are at getting back on track, when this does happen, the more joy, success and fulfillment we will have in our lives.


jmann said…

I was/am? a student of Brian Johnson's and have attended a few of your seminars. Just thought that your blog was VERY similar to my thoughts yesterday:

Thank you for sharing and giving Brian the patience and teaching abilities he has. Truly amazing.

-john mann-
Kevin Garty said…
Excellent blog John and oh so true.
JBW said…
The more adept we are at Getting Back On Track, the less life's wrinkles effect us. Rolling with the punches allows us to get those few shots in when opportunity allows. Thanks for the comments. JBW
Shayne said…
When I was "growing up" (still working on that), I remember my Mother saying "Its not falling off the track thats important, its knowing how to get back on. Its knowing that there is a track and where it is". She often reminds me of this when I discuss my children with her.

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