Specialise in everything

Stock market crashes - tsunami's - earthquakes events - floods - and on it goes!
How can we prepare for unexpected events like the and the many others we cannot yet imagine? Our ability to adapt to the unexpected is a big part of why we humans have been so successful when other species have not fared so well. We adapt - we survive - we flourish. Unexpected events (the bad kind- as opposed to the good kind) still have their 'positives' - the more we are are exposed to these events, the better we are able to adapt to them - and make the best out of a seemingly difficult situation. At the end of the day, it's often 'perspective' that allows us to smile in the face of seeming misfortune. The stock market crashes - but we are still eating good food, breathing good air and still have our family and friends. We get tapped out by a lesser rank, but we still have our health and we are still driving our car and not walking twenty kilometres a day to school like the many less-fortunate people in other parts of the world. Our car gets a flat tyre - but seriously, is it that big a deal? A person who loses his shoe only has to spend five minutes with a man with no legs and things don't look so bas after all. We adapt - and our ability to do so, to a large extent, defines us as a species. We are the ultimate adapters ... we adapt because the world and our environment requires that we do so. Our ancestors, every one of them dating back as far as we can imagine, were gifted adapters ... adjusting to the unexpected, many of them, on a daily basis. Only the over-specialised find it difficult to adapt. The 'deep generalist' specialises in everything - and flourishes in an environment that throws up the unexpected at every turn.


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