Accepting Trial & Error: Means the acceptance of error

Strict adherence to what we know is a sure-fire way to live out our own personal groundhog day. In opening ourselves up to the possibility of failure, we carve out a path to success. In staying with the familiar, we also tend to develop for ourselves the habit of ignorance.

There is the way we would all like the world to be and then there is the way that the world actually is. Being in denial about how things work in the world is a sure-fire route to mediocrity and frustration. It is always worth investing some small portion of our energy in learning how leverage works in the realms of finance and business. Denial of a basic understanding of these dark arts usually comes down to either ignorance or laziness. Both are curable.

My good friend Dave Meyer has great label for the ignorant position – he calls it the crocodile state … wait for it … yes; because crocodiles are found living in de Nile. Awesome! Classic Dave Meyer. Love him.


Liam H Wandi said…
in de nile hahahah!


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