I just picked up Rigan Machado from the airport - and we are now in final preparations for this weekend. It's a hectic 72 hour hours ahead of us - beginning with a big day tomorrow (we'll slip a H.I.I.T training session in there in the morning) with comp draws and set-up. Then the big day itself on Saturday - with the kids competition kicking off at 9am - followed by adults at 11am. Entries close midnight tonight - and draws will be done tomorrow - so if you want to be a part of it, get online right away and enter. Our bonus - Competitors Edition Omoplata/Kimura DVD is ready for each and every competitor! REGISTER ONLINE NOW! On Sunday, Rigan will be teaching his annual seminar at Dominance Mixed Martial Arts Academy at 555 Victoria St - in Richmond. Coloured belts at 10:am - followed by white belts at 12 noon. Don't miss out, on this opportunity to train with one of the best competitors to ever come out of Brazil - and more importantly, in my opinion - one of the most sincere and nicest coaches you could ever hope to meet. I have often talked about opportunity - and what it means to notice and act upon the opportunities that cross our paths during the course of our lives - well THIS IS ONE OF THEM. This is OPPORTUNITY KICKING YOUR DOOR IN AND WALKING UP TO YOU, AND SHAKING YOU HARD! Take full advantage. Have a great weekend everyone - we do this for the benefit of our extended BJJ family. Make sure you chat to some people you don't know - mingle - network - compete - learn and enjoy! We will dedicate this event to the Loving memory of our fallen brother - TROY FLUGGE. See you there: JBW REGISTER NOW!


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