The Gathering ...

What a weekend. We had an absolute blast, with competitors coming from Australia-wide and of course, New Zealand. The competition ran perfectly smoothly and we were treated to some excellent matches. Rigan MAchado commented how he thought it was getting better and better each year. The next morning, we were treated to a couple of seminars - where our advanced group learned a stack of new and novel set-ups and entries for the Darce Choke - followed by some Deep Half Guard work. Then Rigan taught a white-belt seminar, where he went through a progressive series of drills to develop armbar and triangle combinations. The feedback I have already received has been overwhelmingly positive - I am getting requests from people asking if they can reserve their spots for next years session. unfortunately, we cannot do that - next years session will be held on a first come, first served basis. First 60 people turning up for each seminar will get a spot. Rigan will be here for the remainder of the week, before heading to Perth to visit four of our academies over there. Have fun everyone. For results of the competition - see the news page on our website.


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