I WANT MY OLD SKILLS BACK - or some superior approximation thereof.

Of late, I seem to be bumping into more and more martial artists from the past - most of whom are now, for one reason or another, shadows of their former selves. For many, life has simply gotten in their way - many are overweight, out of shape and have slid into a side-line teaching role - or have let their martial arts practice completely go. Now - I am not judging - because maybe they have 'made up for it' in other aspects of their lives; but the actuality is this - it doesn't take all that much time and effort to improve our fitness or our skill-sets ... even one training session a week is infinitely better than none. But seriously, who hasn't got three hours a week to spare? The right blend of martial arts training and supplementary strength and conditioning work can produce amazing results. Life is simply too short to accept mediocrity - particularly, when it costs us so little to 'rise above'. Most people pay insurance premiums of one sort or another - and get very little, if anything, back for it. Well how about paying a three hour a week insurance premium, which we will call 'training' - and reaping the benefits from it, every day of our existence. JBW


Liam H Wandi said…
Very well said. If you don't have time to live your life, who's living it for you?

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