Thursday, September 22, 2011


Partners ...

Much of life is about relationships. Great ones make our life a joy - bad ones make out life a misery. And it's not all tat different on the mat. Great partners are those kinds of people that will work with us to help us solve problems - and we are great partners when we respond in kind. Problem solving is more often than not, a collaboration. two minds working on a problem are far more likely to come up with a workable solution than is a solitary effort. A great training partner has us leaving the mat with a smile on our face and looking forward to geting back there as soon as possible - a bad training partner has exactly the opposite effect. Before we start looking around for that perfect training partner - we should perhaps stop for a moment and ask ourselves this ... what kind of training partner are we ourselves? be the first on the mat to be a great training paertner - the idea will catch on - and soon the culture on the mat will improve for the better. I have seen this effect take place on even the worst of mats. it always starts with ourselves! JBW

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