Quality not Quantity

People who excel – really excel, are not necessarily doing more work more practice, more more, more … they are, rather, doing things differently, better, better, better. It is usually the quantitative difference and no the qualitative difference that sets true champions apart from other people – in most aspects of life. People who do marriage better than everyone else, are doing it differently, people who are doing fitness better than everyone else are doing it differently, people who are doing jiu jitsu better than everyone else are usually doing it differently. World-class Jiu Jitsu athletes (or any other world class athletes for that matter) are not just doing more (quantity) of the same thing that other hobbyist athletes are doing – rather, they are doing things diiferently; ie: better, more deliberately, more accurately, always refining, etc. Another thing that differentiates world-class athletes, (or again, any other experts for that mater) from the ordinary or mundane, is the fact that they usually spend time in the company of like-minded people; others who take a deliberate and refined approach, who want to excel and improve the quality of their practice. Better practice – quality practice means more focused practice, more deliberate practice, more well-designed practice and practicing with the right kind people. We don’t want to just ‘spin our wheels’ – we should think it through and be deliberate, and focused in how we spend our time – big results await. JBW


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