Skill up ...

This is the one thing that none of us, except perhaps those living in poverty, should baulk at spending money on – skill acquisition. Our skills - to a large degree, define who we are. Over the millennia, one’s skill-set within the tribe has to a large extent, determined our status – our importance to the tribe as a whole; no skills, would often mean early death; sought-after skills, would guarantee security, basic necessities of survival and the esteem of peers. I like to skill-up; on many things. I find learning to be a very enjoyable experience; and I am very willing to pay good money for any investment in my self. There are so many things to spend money on nowadays; so many commodities, things, stuff … but to spend money on ourselves; to invest in ourselves – this is perhaps the very best way to spend money of all. JBW


Matt Klein said…
John, you termed it correctly as an "investment". It is an investment in not only our future, but also the present. It makes us stronger and more valuable.

Also, we all need a passion. BJJ happens to be one of the healthiest ones around. It creates parallel passions of health, fitness, and learning.

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