Life Instructs

Day two of our holiday in Aitutaki (in the Cook Islands), my boy Felix was impaled by a Stonefish; a highly venomous species of fish that inhabits much of the pacific region. Apparently, it is about the most painful thing one can endure – in rare cases, people die from the venom. So Melissa and I were fairly stressed as we had to sit back and watch him endure hours of pain – before a combination of local remedies and modern medicine brought things under control. He is almost back to normal now – some 6 days later – but then today, being unable to swim after the stonefish injury, he was wading around the edge of the lagoon (super frustrated) when he forgot he had his beloved Ipod in his pocket, and he walked into the water again, submerging it and killing it completely. Needless to say, he was heartbroken. He has had his share of both physical and emotional pain this past week – but this is exactly how we learn. We experience; and we learn. These are not the kind of things you can learn from listening to others or from reading books; this is the kind of stuff you can only learn by experience. Life instructs: JBW


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