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At the risk of offending some - I'd like to point out that I believe that we, as a species, have been here quite a long time. And for much of that time, we didn't live to 'make money' - we didn't live to 'top up our super' - pay off our mortgage - pay taxes - etc; rather, we hunted for our food, hiked and explored our environments in an effort to gather our food - improvised weapons and tools that made our lives more comfortable - gave extra food that we caught or gathered, to our friends and neighbours - told stories by te light of an evening fire, in an effort to both entertain and educate .... In times past, life was much simpler - status was bestowed upon us if we were of value to our tribe - if we were of no value, or had nothing to contribute, then our status would be low, and our chances of survival would be drop. The more we brought to the table (often literally) the greater our status in the tribe. For mush of our past history, life would have been tough - but things would have had a certain clarity that they no longer have today. Martial arts training, in my view, gives us back some of these things - things we have lost, as we have become more 'civilised'. BJJ offers a 'right of passage', it offers opportunities to be 'of value' to the tribe (other students at the school) - it offers an environment where 'earned knowledge' affords respect and is valued by others - it offers 'growth through physical challenge', etc. Life is today's society has us distracted at every turn, stressed, badly prioritised and often unhealthy (both physically and mentally) as a result - martial arts training is a great way to bring some badly needed balance back into our 21st century lives: JBW


Mick said…
Well put John. We have constructed a way of life where surviving is no longer the greatest challenge. Unfortunately many people these days just get by or just SURVIVE rather than actually LIVE their lives.

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