A Blowfish Experience

Eating blowfish, by all accounts, can be a delicious experience – but if, for some reason, it is not prepared JUST RIGHT, the experience can be anything but delicious – it can be deadly. The same process, albeit it a more benign version, is at play when we learn things … There are certain techniques that if not executed technically, can result in a worsening of our situation. Ie: we try the new technique, do not execute it correctly, and we suffer as a result. Now that’s not so bad in and of itself, but our natural and instinctive reaction to that ‘failure’ is the real killer. When we pay a big price for failing at a technique (or most other things for that matter) we tend to shy away from trying it again – and we suffer the effects of a Blowfish experience. Not all techniques are Blowfish techniques – try a figure four armlock from the mount –and if it doesn't work, no biggie! But try headlock control, and if you are missing a few fundamental and vital nuances, you will end up with your opponent playing the role of a human backpack. It’s just important to know which techniques are of the Blowfish variety. The best tip is this: gain intimate and deep knowledge of every technique you do – develop the habit of technical excellence. Prepare that Blowfish well: JBW


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