We choose for now - we choose for later

When we are presented with strong excuses to forgo good habits - this is when we see the exceptional make their split from the rest. It's christmas - and we are faced with mountains of unhealthy food and an opportunity to stop training for a bit. But these are still 'choices'. When we choose, we choose for now and we choose for later; and it's usually easier to make those choices based on what we would like right now as opposed to an, as yet unrealised consequence, that may, or may not, manifest at a later date. We are so very fortunate in that we have more choice available to us than most of the inhabitants of this spinning globe - but remember, when we choose - we choose for now and we choose for later. I ate more than my share these past few days - so now, I am off to do some training - and try to bring balance to the equation for vital living. JBW


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