How WINNING is done

Winning is done through consistent effort. Consistent effort – not to be confused with occasional effort or fine weather effort. Consistent and determined effort is about grinding it out – day after day; sometimes this is fun and joyful; at other times it can seem fruitless, or even tough going. Winning is not for everyone; nor should it be; winning is for those who keep taking steps forward when common sense is telling you to stop. Winners experience more loss that most everyone else; they lose more because they do more, try more and keep trying even though the rewards for doing so, seem so paltry and at times, just not worth it. Winners fall off their skateboards and surfboards more often, they fall off the rock-face more often; they get bitten more often, kicked more often, choked more often, lost more often, crash more often, go broke more often, etc, etc. Over-achieving isn't done by doing what most everyone else does - and nothing more - it is done by doing what others are unwilling to do. It is all about the 'doing'. Winners are 'do-ers'. It’s that simple. JBW


Great post John! Thank you for keeping this perspective. :)

Bob Garon
Great point John. Winning is about the marathon, not just the sprint!

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