Days of old …

Who are we? Who were our ancestors? Where did we come from?
These are questions that seem to have a lot of meaning for people. In my view though, our genealogical heritage means very little – mostly, the unfolding of our lives depends on what choices we make ourselves, and upon how we react to and learn from the outcomes of those choices.
Through our ancestors we have each inherited a certain unique mix of genes that make up the physical being that we are; but really, this is just a blank canvas; what we paint on that canvas, that is largely up to us.
On the mat, we each start out learning a very similar set of basics – but as time goes on, each of us builds a game unique to ourselves. In turn, some of us pass on some of what we have learned over time, to others, who in turn do the same, etc.
Where we come from may have deep personal meaning for each of us – but at the end of the day, it’s what we do with who we are now, and what resources we have available to us – that really matters.

Pic: The Will Family Crest: A naked guy and a lion - I don't know what it's all about - those crazy ancestors ... JBW


Liam H Wandi said…
When two people shake hands, where does one person end and the other start?

When two people share a thought, where does one mind end and where does the other start?

When you butter a slice of bread, where does the butter end and the bread starts?

Who are we? We are the interactions we share with the world. No more, no less.

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