Informed Risk

As a follow-upon my last post -  would like to talk a little more about RISK-TAKING.
Once again – it’s not that I am against risk-taking (my life has been one big RISK-TAKE) – but I do very strongly think that we should take an INFORMED approach to risk-taking – of we want to develop trends of success in our lives.

I head into the wilds a couple of times a year – being dropped by chopper or hiking into remote areas of wilderness. I have certainly had more than my share of risky moments ‘out there’ but to a large extent, I have gone into the situation ‘highly informed’.

I have risked hard-earned money in both the share and property markets – and I have done so ill-informed (and lost a lot) and I have done so well-informed and done well from it. Taking risks is necessary – if we want to live a life full of adventure and success – but we should be as informed as well can possibly be if we want to emerge with ‘improved hardwiring’ – the kind of ‘hardwiring’ that sets us up for repeat performances in our future.

Risk is essential to growth and learning – but informed risk is what separates those oriented toward repeated success and those who are not. JBW


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