Some of my Game-changers …

Understanding the importance of being able to distinguish between fact and opinion
-       Understanding that we build trust by making small promises and keeping them
-       Understanding that we achieve by identifying the step-by-step process that leads to where we want to be and then by taking massive action on the first step in that process
-       Understanding that both big picture and deep focus are vital for a balanced, healthy and effective approach to almost anything
-       Understanding that living with passion and a sense of purpose is fundamental to happiness in life
-       Understanding that longevity and sustainability are vital elements of success in many facets of our lives
-       Understanding that time passes whether we realize it or not
-       Understanding that there is great fulfillment in helping others achieve their goals
-       Understanding that despite our predilection for both reflection and forward planning, being more in the now, being fully present, is an enriching and effective way to spend our time



Klaus Burton said…
Great things to keep in mind

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