Inner Black Belt

We are different people – different beings – at different times. When we are really hungry, the neurons in our brain conspire to fire and stimulate particular emotions and particular behaviors – the same goes when we are in a state of learning – or in the presence of a threat – or in love, etc.
When I am teaching – I do feel as though I am in a different ‘state’ – and when the student is really ‘present’, they are also in a different ‘state’.
So, when on the mat, get in touch with your inner black belt; the black belt that cannot be fully satisfied with the status quo, the black belt who is always looking to ‘raise the bar’, the black belt who wants to try new ideas or improve old ideas, the black belt who wants to turn over more rocks and see what lives under them; the kind of black belt who is as curious now, as amazed and impassioned now as he/she was when they first began training.
When you are on the mat – you are a different kind of person – recognize the kind of ;state’ you are experiencing, and try to nudge it, try to shape it, into something even more special ….
Get in touch with your inner black belt … the very next time you are on the mat.


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