The Rich Experience

We are at the core of it all - experiential beings.
Life is a series of experiences for each of us; a trail perhaps, consisting of mundane experiences, unpleasant experiences, interesting experiences, exciting experiences, etc.
How we experience our training will ultimately determine how long we stick at it and how good be get at it. As a coach, I always do my best to give my students a rich experience on the mat … by ‘rich’, I mean a mixture of meaningful and exciting. I think that a good life is one filled with ‘rich’ experience – the kind of experience that resonates deeply within us – the kind of experience that ‘sticks’ and leaves it’s imprint on who we are.
The ‘rich’ experience needs to be authentic; it needs to be apart from the ordinary; it’s needs to be these things and more because ultimately, it’s quality can impact on how we define our lives.
When I step onto the mat – I want it to be a rich experience, not only for my students, but for myself as well. I am engaging with other human beings; each of whom is there to, in some way or other, improve their lives; and I am very aware of that. Each time we train, we are faced with a unique opportunity to lift ourselves to a higher place – and perhaps even deepen our understanding of who we are and how we fit into this mosaic of experience we call life.
To be rich has nothing to do with fiscal health – and everything to do with how we experience our lives …


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