We let things effect us that shouldn't ...

We live in our own minds – or perhaps more accurately, in a world of our mind’s creation. Things happen, in the physical world that exists outside our own heads – but it is largely our perception of those happenings that ‘effects’ us and not the happenings themselves.
The share-market drops – our investments plummet in value – but how does this effect us. Physically, we havn’t changed – our food tastes the same, our relationships are as they were – but many of us are still effected – because we ALLOW ourselves to be effected! Someone says something about us that we do not like – and we are effected – and we are so because we ALLOW it to be so. The world we live in throws information at us at an ever-increasing rate – it is easy to be pulled from a state of inner/peace/joy/happiness. But remember this – each of us exists in our own minds – whatever happens in the world, happens largely ‘out there’ and rarely, directly effects us – unless we allow it to. JBW 


Anonymous said…
Dear John, thank you for the wonderful and insightful seminar this recent weekend in Canberra. Aside from the great techniques, I really appreciated the nuggets of wisdom you imparted - especially the importance of "being in the moment". Definitely something that I will bear in mind not just on the mats but in tackling life's challenges in general. Thanks and best regards! -Jared
Liam H Wandi said…
I needed this today John :)

Many thanks for the wise words.

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