Monday, May 21, 2012


Eminently teachable ...

This weekend I am heading to Australia’s Capital, Canberra – to run a Coaching Clinic for a group of professional instructors (Mil, LEO & others). Although I will be delivering a number of Defensive Tactics classes throughout the day – a large part of the focus will be on my didactic approach to teaching. The didactic teaching method is a scientific/logical approach to instruction that engages the students mind on a number of levels. The focus of the day will be on the methods I use, as a professional instructor, to engage the students and impart the information. But there is another side to the coin …
As a student myself (always the student – of martial arts and of life) I understand this deep truth: If I can train myself to be eminently teachable – I have a skill that I can use in every aspect of my life; a skill that I can take with me everywhere; a skill that allows me to learn from all kinds of people and situations without the need for a great teacher.
Being eminently teachable is one of the real secrets to success in life. Think about it – really great teachers are hard to find – they certainly aren't lining up at our door. But if we are eminently teachable we are always primed to learn – irrespective of whether we have access to a great teacher or not.
Become eminently teachable …

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Anonymous 9:22 am

Such wisdom on this blog, looking forward to seeing you teach in person in San Francisco

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Thank you ... I am looking forward to being there - with my great friend - David Meyer. JBW

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