Two sides of the BJJ coin

BJJ has always been driven by competition. The competitive arena is where new techniques undergo the ultimate pressure-test. Counters are developed - new techniques and strategies are overhauled ... the process never ends. Such is the evolutionary process that underpins modern BJJ. new Guard Games, like the 50/50, the inverted style guards, reverse de la Riva and others have featured strongly over the past couple of years - and no doubt other evolutions will occur in feature over the next couple. But this whole trend represents only half of the BJJ equation ...

We should never lose sight of the idea that BJJ is a martial art. The original idea was to develop a method of self defence via physical control through deep understanding leverage and bio-mechanics. As far as self defence goes, we cannot afford to neglect rock-solid BJJ fundamentals ... fundamentals such as positional control, correct and tactical use of weight and solid finishing skills. These aspects of BJJ, and others, are of more use in 'real world' self defence than a berimbolo or deep half guard sweep; which have little or nothing to do with 'real world' self defence.

I am not sitting in judgement as to which side of the coin holds morte value - they are both important; one is more akin to high-end algebraic equations that are used to describe abstract mathematical concepts; while the other is like having a head for basic math that can be applied on the spot while buying our groceries.

I think we need a balance - as we do in all things. We should perhaps consider making a clearer distinction between the sporting and combative faces of the art we all love ...


Anonymous said…
Great post! I've been thinking about this sort of stuff alot recently and I agree that it's good to have a balance between Competition revolving techniques and self defense orientated/basic techniques.
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