Unearthed problems are opportunities

We are problem-solvers.
We gain skills by developing solutions to problems.
before we can find solutions to problems we first need to do something that is at first, counter-intuitive - we must EMBRACE the problems. Embracing problems, facing them head-on is the first step to finding solutions to them - and the first step toward gaining the kinds of life-skills that really, really count.
On the mat - we contend with each other; not to determine a winner and a loser - but to help each other expose our weaknesses, so we can (together) ways to shore them up - and become more and more skilled. We contend to unearth each others weaknesses - to illuminate the 'problem' and take steps toward the development of a solution.
It is the same off the mat - problems, at first, can seem like obstacles standing in the way of our 'happiness' - the way I look at them though, is as 'training tools', as 'markers' guiding me toward an ever-growing set of skills that I can use to steer me happily and successfully through life. I love unearthing problems ... both on and off the mat: JBW


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