Golden Support

I just listened to an interview with Emily Siobhom and her mum, after she won her Silver medal in the pool at the Olympics. The interesting thing was listening to her mum say things like 'we worked so hard', 'we put in such a big year', 'we had a touch last six months', etc ... it was a reminder to me that it is very, very easy for us to forget that those who achieve, almost always seem to have a support network who, in many ways, do the 'hard yards' right along-side those who 'get the medals', etc.
If we want to achieve, we need a support network to help get us there. Even in individual sports - it's inevitably a 'team effort'. Family. friends and training partners all work together so that we may be lifted upon their shoulders and get the job done. I say, gold medals to all the parents and friends of those who prevail in the Olympics.   At the risk of coming across as overly 'mushy' - I have been fortunate beyond imagining in having the support of my amazing (and highly talented) wife melissa. She has supported me in every conceivable way for well over twenty years now; and her support has allowed me to live the life I have to date. If I could wish one thing for people, it would be that they find themselves a life partner and marriage like I have ... gold, all the way. (apologies folks!) JBW


Mike Fooks said…
Somwhere John there's a list of things men should never have to apologise for - and making public their appreciation of their women will be at the top of it. Great post as always - looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Mike F

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