Evolution is about pressure-testing. This is how change either gains or loses momentum in nature, in engineering, in business, on the mat .... and in life. In a way, MMA is a martial arts philosophy; and it's sporting face provides opportunity for us to pressure-test new ideas, innovations, strategies and training methods - against a non-compliant, agressive opponent. This pressure-testing in turn, gives rise to more novel training methods, new ways of combining techniques and ever-improving methods of training, conditioning and preparing for combative struggle. In an environment that pressure-tests constantly, there is little room and little solace for those who arn't willing to put it on the line. But there is great potential for growth and improvement. Boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and BJJ are all arts that have evolved through the process of pressure-testing .... not for everyone, I fully agree - but the results are in alignment with the price we pay. Together - we pressure-test - together we evolve. JBW


Keith said…
It seems, it also follows from that, that the type of pressure that is applied is important in shaping the form of that evolution. Sometimes with contradictory results... eg, in the world of software...

- Usability
- Security

These two things often fight each other as pressure is applied. Usability requires things to be easy and simple. Security requires extra layers of complexity. It's often a fine balancing act to get it right.

in martial arts we see these kinds of pressures :-
- for your life
- sports
- spiritual / philosophical

which seems top introduce a conflict between rules and no rules, practicality vs purity and principle .
Anonymous said…
balancing act is hard to accomplish. Some days I feel like i've finally figured it out and then the next it seems i'm starting from scratch. Gotta be consistent

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