Working the process

Developing strong and well-understood pathways in our training is vital if we are to replicate our successes, again and again. When we start out in our training, we might taste success with this or that technique - in a somewhat random fashion - but it is only when we begin to consistently replicate those successes that we begin to develop a 'game' of our own. Like anything else in life - success usually breeds success. if we are successful, we are likely to repeat the behaviour that led to that success, again and again - and then of course, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
When something works, we should develop a habit of asking 'why it worked?' - 'what made it work?' - and then we can find ways to improve it, and make it work better. Once we develop a 'successful pathway' - we need to drill it and take ownership of it - so that in the heat of battle, we have a better chance of walking that pathway yet again.
Here I am walking Strikeforce World Champ Gilbert Melendez through a sequence that very much suits his game. Note, we are not 'rushing to the end' - we are working each step of the pathway as if it is the most important step in the process - because ultimately (no pun intended) it is!


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