CREATIVITY … the wellspring

Creativity … for me, is one of the powerful driving forces that we each have at our disposal. When people talk of fitness … I think of physical fitness, mental fitness, relationship fitness, financial fitness, etc. When people talk about defending themselves … I think about defending myself physically, mentally, relationship-wise, financially, etc. When people talk about their assets … although my mind does go to finances and physical possessions, it focuses much more strongly on things like, knowledge, skills and creativity.
Creativity is something we don’t tend to talk too much about … it is though, the well-spring from which much of our world pours. Our creativity tends to erode as we get older, as it is replaced by logic, structure, reason, and the like. Creativity is about child-like thinking – it is about being unreasonable – it is about being overly curious – all these qualities, children have in abundance … until ….
When we are children, everything is a puzzle .. walking upright is a puzzle, climbing the stairs is a puzzle, and so we build and tap into our creative powers. But then, as we conquer the world, as we bring the beast that is our life under control … the well-spring begins to dry up. That is often the price we pay for adulthood. But we can have both … we can, with a little courage, and willingness to fail … regress a little and look at the world with child-like wonder. It is after all … an amazing place. JBW


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